Wednesday, 23 April 2014

We are lines

we are lines. lines we are.

A dual world art competition
coming May 9th, 2014

IM Art Blue after you checked out the pages that are provided :)

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A person is like a line. We start as a tiny point in a wide space, hardly noticeable. As time goes by, you get longer, you grow up. Along the way, as your experiences go farther and farther, you change.

You become a crooked line: you have fun and go to places you’ve never been before, do things you haven’t done before and it doesn’t matter where life takes you as long as you remain a line.

You become a spiral line: a person who would go around and around in life, never wanting to move on and grow up because you want to be stuck in the moment forever.

You become a broken line: when someone along the way makes an impact on you, you’d eventually want to stop going but you know you have to so you continue on although you’re not complete as you go along. But, you know, later on, you’d meet a line who would complete your gaps so you’d become whole again.
Along the way, you’d meet other lines.

There’s the parallel line whom you have so much in common with but you will never ever meet.
There’s the asymptotic line who’s almost the same as parallel but you get closer and closer but not close enough to be together.

Then there are some lines you will meet and be close with but you’ve drifted apart because of circumstances.
When you’ve reached the end, you either made a badly formed picture or a really wonderful mark to leave on the space you were on.

copied from blog FICTIONALIEN by Mariane Noriega


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